Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 New Post

Hello there.

I'm contemplating starting a new blog in Wordpress or finishing the migration of this one over to Wordpress.

Just thought to drop a little note here to let you know and leave you a Christmas message.

Here is the URL for the Sound Cloud audio post.

-deleted link-

I'm not sure anyone even will notice and that's ok.



Ute said...

Wow. You've had a fair amount of things happen lately, huh?

Can't believe you had to move so soon after only just moving?! Wtf? Bastards.
Hope all is well at your new place.

Also hope you find a job you will love as much as you did your other one...

Happy New Year!

LX said...

Happy New Year!

BamaTrav said...

Happy New Year. XOXO

nwtrunner said...

Cool listening to this Cath :-) And will definitely follow the new blog - no worries!

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I imported my blogger blog into wordpress and it was seamless. I'm glad that I did.

Moving house is the pits, I feel your pain.

Epic Fail said...

Well, I noticed. Does that count for anything? Happy New Year!

shishyboo said...

have been popping in from time to time just in case you've updated. glad to hear from you again, please let us know of your new blog address :)

Sam Robbins said...

I noticed too !

Happy New Year Cath !

BTW pop over to;

if you get a mo'......would appreciate your input. XX

Electro-Kevin said...

Nice to have you back again - in whatever the form.

Son of Incogneato said...

Hi, you kinda don't know me but I was wondering if you knew what ever happened to Captain Smack. He is missed.
Son of Incogneato