Monday, October 1, 2012

Reality Check

hi everyone,

I received quite a few emails from all sorts of people about the Calgary idea.  The overwhelming majority said 'The cold weather will kill you, Cath" and one person made me laugh aloud when they wrote "The bears are used to frozen natives. A warm and toasty Aussie like you will be appreciated" or words to that affect.

Also my friend in Alberta is considering moving to Ottawa which means I'd have no friends in Alberta.

Realistically, I'd need alot of money. I hadn't considered the exorbitant fee increase for international students and I didn't realise how expensive it would be.  I think I would rather visit Ed and George on a holiday, not a work permit and there is no way in hell I would survive those winters for three months.

So back to the drawing board I went. I looked at partner sites a bit closer to home and realised that there is one in Melbourne.

I love Melbourne.

My visits to Melbourne in the past have always been fleeting and I have not really got to know the cultural town that Melbourne is.  I'm keen to discover the restaurants, the libraries, the art galleries the parks, etc.
I'd drive across so I'd have my car. There is loads of share accommodation available (with other professional females) that I could manage.

In regards to Carissa, I ran the idea past her. She agrees it's more achievable than USA or Canada and certainly value-wise, more affordable for me. At the end of year 12, she's happy to either live with Daddio, come with or move into a share house and study. Either way, she'll be doing her first year of Uni.

I'm a bit excited. It's achievable and I could cope.

Now I've just got  to finish my assessments or I'll be stuck here forever.



Memphis Steve said...

I would think it'd be very expensive to finish a degree in a foreign country, but since I've never done it I won't pretend to really know. Still, if you get a chance to visit there is a lot to see. Canada is a beautiful place.

Electro-Kevin said...

I don't like the new font, Cath. It's hard on the eyes.

Can I rewind a bit to the post about C's driving test ?

My point is this:

Insurers charge one hell of a price for boys. This is because they are nightmare drivers.

Probably the best thing you can do is get C through her test so that she doesn't have to get ferried around by boys.


Our insurers are saying that newly qualified drivers should not be allowed to driver between 11pm and 4am within six months of their test. The statistics are horrendous apparently.

Ms Smack said...

Hey Steve. Thanks for popping by. I'm yet to really investigate the costs of an exchange and what costs are involved. I will follow it up though. Canada, I have heard, is indeed a beautiful place.

Kev - thanks. I've changed it. Does that read easier?

I am going to ban Carissa from driving between those hours anyways. She has a nightly curfew of 11 pm of a night time and my worry levels increase if she's out and about then mostly because of the drink drivers, and party people hooning around. xx

Electro-Kevin said...

Yes. It does read easier. Thanks.