Wednesday, September 19, 2012

International Exchange

hi everyone,

I spoke with the Field Education Coordinator today. Her name is Cecile and she was really lovely.

She discussed the international placement with me for 4th year (2014) and it just so happens that the University has current exchange programs in the same city as one of the Child Trauma Academy partners.  It will from September - December.  Looks like I'll need about $10, 000.

My planning, budget, study etc is now all based around me going to....


 I want to know everything. Everything you know - I need to know.

I'm looking at accommodation. Work permits. Study Permits. International programs. Grants.

The whole lot. What bands are from there? Are they NICE?

If you know it, know someone who will put me up, or anything - let me have it. Weather. Crime rates. What are they famous for? Who do they argue with? What is the major religion there? Are there fundamentalists there? Are they overly Christian? How many cowboys are we talking about!? Because I hate hunting, am I likely to be hated? Do they like Australians?

Should I rent a one bedroom apartment somewhere? Should I save up for a car? is Public transport efficient? Is it freezing? Will I get mugged, raped or assaulted?  Should I stay with a family? Apply to House-sit and cuddle someone's pets for 3 months?

I'm terrified. I'd much rather face snakes, crocs, The Outback and an Internet Troll.

Love to you.


Fusion said...

They have a rodeo, it gets quite cold, it's on the prairie, and it's about four hours north of where I live. Canadians have always been quite nice to me on my many visits there, provided you don't freeze you'll like it ;p

Ms Smack said...

Thanks mate for your response. I appreciate your advice and it also correlatese with some other advice I've been given.

I'm already second-guessing this choice and I think I will do some more research, be a bit creative and see what I'm allowed to do.

Surely Uni students in Calgary doesn't have to STAY in Calgary for their practicum and that's the next thing I need to find out.

I've received some emails from friends and quite frankly, I'm doubting this choice now!

YEHAW is not in my vocab.